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TV-Project online store provides warranty of the producer or our company to all the delivered goods, confirming the quality of products and service commitments.

Please note that the warranty period of the product depends on the service policy of the manufacturer and indicate on its website during the registration, or in a document issued by the seller. Manufacturer's warranty cards or warranty cards of the TV-Project company, which show the date of purchase of the goods, its name and the warranty period, can also serve as proof of warranty.

Please check that product is free from defects and has the complete set upon receipt! (A list of all components listed in the product description or its manual).



According with Ukrainian legislation, you can return or exchange the item within 14 days of purchase, in case when:

1. This product has not been used or damaged, and there was no technical modifications: scratches, chips, abrasions, broken seals, the software has not undergone changes etc;
2. This product is fully staffed and not compromised the integrity of the packaging;
3. All the labels and factory markings are saved.

If the product does not work, exchange or return is possible only if  authorized service center is required. To exchange or return the goods you also will need a passport, a check or other document which confirms the payment.

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