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How can I find you?
You can come to our office in Kiev. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Address: 03113, Ukraine, Kiev, Mykoly Shpaka 3 Street (the nearest metro station – Beresteiska, Берестейська). See the road map and other details in Contacts section.

What is your working schedule?
We work from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 19:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm (in telephone mode). Accept orders of goods without shipment in this day.
You can come to our office at any convenient time for you. Moreover, in the office, you can get advice from our managers and test the equipment you are interested in. But first you’d better call to save your time, as not the whole range of goods are available in our office at the moment.



How to make an order?
You can register to our site and create a personal Account, where you can make a purchase online. Or contact us by convenient telephone number listed in Contacts. You also can use 'Call Back' function on the site.

On the site is stated that the product is not available at the moment (or no longer available), can it be ordered?
Please, contact managers to find out current availability and other details. See Contacts.

How can I learn the number of order?
If the order is issued online, we will send you a letter to e-mail, where your order's number is specified. If you ordered equipment by the phone, number of your order will be dictated by the manager of TV-ProjectÔ company.

What are the benefits of registration?
By creating your personal Account on TV-Project site, you save time spend on ordering. You can store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders, view purchase history for easy return to the selected goods.

How can I cancel the order?
You can cancel your order by phone (see Contacts).


Delivery & Payment

What are your delivery conditions in Ukraine?
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by the transport companies: "Nova Poshta", "Autolux", "Night Express". Delivery by another transport company previously has to be discussed with the manager of TV-Project online store.
You can also pick up an order from our office in Kiev, or take advantage of postal delivery services. Read more in the category of Delivery and Payment.
Our courier will deliver the goods in convenient time at mentioned address. Delivery time in Kiev: from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Do you make delivery to other countries?
Please, contact managers to find out such possibility at the moment. See Contacts.

How many days I have to expect to receive my order?
Delivery time is negotiated with the manager.

If I ordered the product in one date, but the price of the item or delivery increased/decreased before I get it, at what price I have to pay for it?
You pay the price fixed in a basket of your online Account, or a price agreed with the manager at the moment of your order.

In which way can I pay?
You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. Cash payment is made exclusively in the Ukrainian national currency (UAH). Payment by credit card is not available in the office.
Bank transfer payment can be made in the Ukrainian national currency (UAH), the euro, the dollar US, in accordance with the currency legislation of Ukraine.
See the Delivery and Payment section for more detailes.



Do you have an official warranty?
All equipment in our online catalog is provided by the official manufacturer's warranty or warranty of TV-ProjectÔonline store. Read more in the section Guarantee.

What is the difference between the official manufacturer's guarantee and the warranty of TV-Project™ store?
Most of our products are accompanied by a guarantee from the manufacturer. This means that in case of breakdown of product during the warranty period, the customer can contact an authorized service center (listed on the warranty card and/or on the manufacturer's website).
Guarantee of the TV-Project online store implies that in case of breakdown of product during the warranty period, the customer comes to us, and we contact with an authorized service center for repair by ourself.
Why are there two types of guarantees? Some manufacturers just don't have an official representation in Ukraine. That's why we also provide warranty of TV-Project company.

Where to go for warranty service?
Warranty service engaged in service centers authorized by the manufacturer. Addresses and phone numbers of service centers can be found on the warranty card or just ask the manager of the TV-Project company and we give you the right contacts.
The right to warranty service gives you a guarantee, which shall include: a name of item's model, serial number, a guarantee period and the date of the purchase deal. Please keep it for the entire lifetime.

Is it possible to return the purchase if it is damaged?
Yes, you can return or exchange the item within 14 days after purchase, but if it is confirmed by the authorized service center. To return the item you'll need to have a passport and a check or other document which confirms the payment.
Please check that product is free from defects and has the complete set upon receipt! (A list of all components listed in the product description or its manual).
You can exchange or return the goods at our office. See Contacts section.
If you do not live in Kiev, you can send the item back in the same way that you received it, for example by using the "Nova Poshta" delivery.

In what cases the warranty is not provided?
The service center may deny the warranty if:
- There is mechanical or other damage that occurs due to intentional or negligent actions of the buyer or third parties;
- Violated the rules of use set out in the operational documents;
- Was made tamper-evident, repair or modify the internal components of the communication, the goods or design scheme of the goods are changed;
- Incorrectly filled warranty card;
- Serial number of the product is modified, erased or can not be installed.
The warranty does not apply to the following problem:
- Natural wear and tear or depletion of the resource;
- Accidental damage caused by the customer or damage due to neglect or improperly use (the impact of the liquid, dust, ingestion of foreign objects, etc);
- Damage caused by natural disasters (natural phenomena);
- Damage caused by accidental raising or lowering voltage power or improper connection to the mains;
- Damage caused by defects in the system, which was used this product, or arising out of the connection and the connection of goods to other products;
- Damage caused by using the goods for other purposes or in violation of rules of operation.

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